Sciences as the vast source of wisdom

A small glance on a mirage of future

When science meets alchemy,
and wisdom meets the art of prooving.

Science is always a race for having
the insights not found everday.

As the insight to science is to
find the source of all sciences.

some say its the mind being the source
others say its prayer being the source.
As a third kind is not one of them,
but an invisible source

for science begins with education
and ends with observing all
being in the race to reach something
and to be content with one has
in his own home, his own science.

May the sciences of the universe
delight the insights of our
small world.

As sciences, with proof of existance,
leads our world to wealth and health.
As these are the instruments to become
rich. with culture and religion
as the flowers blooming from the
effort of labor, and intention.

Science and education Cinx
Science at Mehrovingisch Nation
Personal Education at level

The Art of Science is mostly a translation or transcription
of known figures or relative methodication of verbal paraphrasing

As most science is based on a creative thought giving akey
to something not existing yet.

As the dna helix the source of changing life-information,
as the light speed with four symbols.

As the chemistry of gravity tricking pulses to either
diminish or grow by choice.

Science as the story of a book, being read and
understood only by the brightest minds.
As well the cultures of primitive regions,
holding the artificats in the grounds as archeology.