Personal education at level

Guidance and Attention

When personal education is wished for,
and the adept reached the qualifications
at level.

The adept receives a seal, or sign which
gives right and means to eduction.

This seal sometimes is of religious sources,
other times its made as art by the person
him or herself.

This seal gives means to study at level
of the intelligence of the person.

As one applies for personal education,
all means are provided in the surrounding

For the means can provide a library card,
can provide art pieces for personal devotion.
As well the study of language to learn
internationally, as well as diplomatic

For personal education is attended by the
adept as well the teacher, which
with a religious seal or sign,
is depending on the religion the adept
is devoted to.

This personal education has no requirements
for the adept to fullfill before being accepted,
thus because the level of education.

Personal education gives free or spare time
the benefit for attending study.

Personal education for best uses sources
with low costs or at freedom of choice.

As personal education can be about the
whole range of subjects and themes.

As personal education needs no exams
but can use the writing of books
or other media to reach certain goals.

As books or media hold a test or exam
of expertise and the use of all acquired

As the writer of this article
has the seal of hinduism.