Science on high level

At the nation of Mehrovinger
As the path through space is like a journey
a pilgrimage to an uncertain future with
the goals of becoming happy and wealthy.

As The nation Mehrovinger is being
recognized by the silence of the
continious level of action.

As they hold the secret to
both the fountain of eternal youth
as well the philosophers stone.

But by becoming wise,
one understands that when
evil would retrieve that precious
gift, the universe would be in demise.

Therefore their secrets are guarded
in a high command of united species.

As the fountain of eternal youth is
in their chest of tresure.
as the fountain is not a real fountain
but a series of technologies
with the amount of seven potions
to drink and to get immersed by.

This fountain of eternal youth
protects the ones from every
process of transcience.

As the nation of Mehrovinger,
holds the wisdom to all
source of happiness
being these two one of the
twelve possible treatments
for a happy and glorious life.

As in the past Jesus Christ himself
had two of them both
the fountain the stone
and one in two others.

For the nation of Mehrovinger
is wise not by aspiring the
highest, but by the calmness
of peering through the
short term goals and purposes
to that ones of long enduring
and the far future.

As a simple example,
short term is to
chop wood and make a fire
and long term to plant trees
who grow fast, and to be
ensured of wood for a long time.