Path of Prayer

As the path of prayer since christianity
is a path for each adept to find
the relationship with the Lord most High
in person, or to adress their own prayers
in personal or in church at attended prayer time.

As in Hinduism the path of prayer is for
the brahman caste to be attended.
they put prayers for the people and get
paid to have a living.

As in hinduism they say Brahmins never
get rich.

As Dehalon is of the Alliance of the All-Creator
in space, both kinds of prayer are everywhere to
be found as rig filled with small jewels
and by diving deep, each dive finding a small
token of treasury.

As some people say, i don't want to pray
either because of fear for the godheads,
or to have the feeling to be impure
or prayers without the force to make them

Others say, i step on the path of prayer myself,
and reach out for unity with a godhead.
As well the right for having the godhead as father.

As in hinduism some step on the path
to regard the godhead as the true love.
having a very intimite relationship with
the godhead.

So in space, both a caste to conduct prayer
or the possibility to pray for yourself
is a twofold path.