The warmth close to God

As one steps on the path of prayer
by the act of prayer the influence
of the Lord or any Godhead gets bigger.

As compared to a heater,
when one sits in front of it.
the cold of outside or the chill
becomes more a comfortable feeling.

As when a house is lighted by a candle,
or by an oil lamp, when children see
ghosts everywhere, by the light
they trust to be safe.

When one steps on the path of prayer,
all insecure feelings come to solve.
As well for all problems just solutions
are given.

As when prayer is used, even those who
do not believe theirselves can be
part of the solution of a situation.

As everyone is passive part of
the Creation of the Lord,
by which the Lord is the hierarchy.

As one by prayer gets active part
of the Creation. and in the attention of
the Lord.

As one asks, how one gets the love
of the Lord. which is by prayer.

As one walks the path of prayer,
one gets the glance of being loved.
As prayer learns someone, that
love of the Lord or Godhead,
is not feeble but trustworthy.

The way angels are born,
and live of the name of the Lord.
is by prayer.

As every wish is worth a prayer.
as every problem is worth a prayer.

As one being part of a religion,
is allowed to pray. to the Lord
or Godhead and His angels.

And when loosing faith,
praying to Saints as well.