Prayer for Society

This prayer as the core of society. In prayer to the All-Creator.

May every nation has a constitution, and a reasonable law.
May every country have alliances with neigboring countries.

May every nation has a law on justice and injustice.
May every nation know the difference between happiness, and suffering.

May children be cared for in the protection of
parents and the society.

May girls, ladies, females be protected from damage
and agression.

May each society have a kind of government
labor work, in time or money.

May each society, make education possible
with the fullness of all science.

May each citizen be allowed to search
for labor, work, or a volunteerwork.

May each citizen, have access for
medical care, and the support of
expert caregivers

May each citizen, be part of a
nation, by written consent.

May each citizen, have the protection
of society, by law, and by workforce.

May each citizen, have entrance
to patriottic living.

May all nations, under one star,
be allowed to work in unity.

May all nations, under one star,
be allowed the free exchange
of goods, science, social, and functional care.

May all nations, have access to basic
technology without extra costprice.

May all workers, labor force,
have a job of satisfying nature.