Prayer of salvation

As people are in a religion and join
whenever they feel ready for it.

As the love for a Godhead is always
on the time it comes.
Because you may not force any.

This prayer for salvation can be
a solution for giving someone a reason or a chance.

A prayer you can give someone,
as a good advice, or on a Christmas card.

As a prayer giving its fruit on the time,
whenever the gifted one chooses it.

You can say, you may utilize this prayer
whenever you choose. if its when in danger
or when in love, or with a special occasion.

A prayer which gives a choice, with no boundaries
in time, situation or any other prerequisite.

As this prayer is a gift to you, and the ones
you give it.

say: You may pray this whenever you want,
even if you would be conscious after your life,
or in the next life, even with another name or culture.

As you may say and grant others
this prayer: I Surrender to the All-Mighty One.
As its a precious gift.

As a choice whenever you remember, or get in side.
As something, always ready to choose to pray.
As a salvation prayer.

The Allmighty One will surely hear our prayers,
and come to our support.