Personal Prayer

As every prayer begins with asking mercy.
The mercy to have a lifetask,
the mercy of meaning in life.

May i ask the mercy,
of writing wisdom,
of sincere prayer,
of daily allowance to live.

May i ask,
the ear for my wisdom,
the hearing of my prayers.
The costs of my living fullfilled.

May i ask,
a house to live in peace,
food which is healthy and delicious.

May i ask,
the costs of my living compensated,
and a budget to spend at religion.

As daily life is part of a
devoted life, i ask it at peace.

May i write about wisdom,
from close by till far away.
In the words on the tip of my tongue.

May i spend my spare time,
at close prayers, in favor
of the listening gods.

May prayers be the vessel
to receive the blessing of the gods.

As every religous being,
has a name of a godhead,
to speak about wishes, needs and complaints.

As every religious being,
has an experience in praying,
giving the blessings of

May i speak about the All-Creator,
May i speak of wisdom and virtue,
May i seek happiness for all the living.
May i seek peace of all existance.

May i be in the eye of that higher
meaning, the All-Creator.
As he may vision my moment to moment.
As he may vision, his plan in my existence.

May the fruit of my writing appear
in His will, and His time.

May He grant my writing
the ears and eyes at his mercy.

May he compensate my income, costs
and spenditure.

May he be my safe refuge.

May he keep me safe in his and my Home.
May he keep my place in a decent style.

As He commands, As i serve at religious practice.

As my Faith,
the world is created by the Creator,
and is in the power of the Allmigthy One,
and the Allmighty One teached me His name
May the Allmigthy One protect and nourish me