Introduction to Dehalon

An empire is measured by the combined happiness
of all the inhadbitants.

An empire is named by the admiration of its kings.
As a king rules by wisdom and virtue.

An empire is counted by the number of stars
it contains in its energy source.

An empire is just the society with
higher meaning. combining under one flag
under one nation.

Dehalon, as we on earth know of babylon,
as the tower reaching to the gods.

Dehalon, as we know space and its
vast contents.

Dehalon, a thousand stars,
a million planets.

We know law as the bond between
all cities in a country.

We know basic income as the bond
between all citizens, to have a
respected place among other people.

We know technology as the kind
of bond to ensure the basic rights.

Basic rights for the whole of
the nation, gives everyone
the pride to be part of it.

Basic rights, we as our society
know of, are the rights to
give every citizen, every inhabitant
a place among the others.

Basic income, means all persons
can earn by labor, by effort
by meaning and by faith.

Education, protection,
providence, law and plight.

As religion binds a society,
with the higher meaning
of the name of the godhead.

As a country or nation is
described by the fruits of work
by the fruits of prayer.

Some choose to work,
and be obedient to law and plight

Others choose to invest
in art, literacy or speciality,
and are bound by the unique favors.

Some are in favor of religion,
and by the practise of prayer
are inspired by new visions of
technology, talent, wisdom,
and the fullfillment of virtue.

Others are in favor to lead a
region, country, planet or nation.
And choose to give their peace
to a part of the known world.

As well some are patriotic and
are part of an army, ensuring
safety for inside or outside the nation.

As all have a place, and authenticity
is being regarded as a special attribute.

Where Dehalon, is the nation consisting
of planets, stars, and constellations.

Where Dehalon, is visible,
there is higher technology,
advanced social constructions.

Where Dehalon is visible,
ships are crossing the universe,

As ships of gemstones, gold
and crude oil and materials being
precise and costly.

As ships are travelling for
leisure and vacation.

As ships are exchanging
workers, smart people and interests.

As ships, combine the technology
of all countries and planets it serves.

May Dehalon, be part of a interplanetary
region, as it consists of all countries.

As Dehalon, is the name being
the future of our planet.
the future of advanced civilisation.
the future of a visible peace treaty.

The future of a covenant,
of technology being public domain,
and costfree education.

As the contact with the blue heaven
is by either flying towards it,
or to receive the blessings from above.

As the All-Creator, the force of Creation
is the name of Brahma in Hindu religion.

As Brahma Creator of the universe,
lives in perpetual creating everything we see

As the trinity in hinduism says that he
at the beginning of time created,
but as he teached me, he is perpetual in

As in Hinduism, to adress the gods as the
supreme one, they have to be active all times,
otherwise what use to pray to a god not active.

Therefore, Brahma as Creator of the universe.
The All-Creator, gives its blessings to all
devoted adepts choosing the get the bond with
Him personally.